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Mini Shin Pads & Football Grip Socks - MEGA Bundle

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Football Grip Socks - Mid Calf Length (Color)
Mini Shin Pads by Custom Guards - 8x5cm Worn By Pros (Color)
Bundle Includes:
  • Mini Shin Pads - Black or White
  • 4x Football Grip Socks - x2 Black & x2 White


Introducing our Mini Shin Pads and Football Grip Socks Bundle, the perfect combination for any aspiring football player looking to elevate their game!

Our Mini Shin Pads are designed with a lightweight yet durable material that offers excellent protection against impact while remaining comfortable to wear. The compact size ensures a snug fit and allows for greater freedom of movement, giving you the confidence to make your moves on the pitch.

The Football Grip Socks are crafted with a non-slip sole that provides superior traction and grip, helping to prevent slips and slides during quick turns and sudden stops. Made with a breathable fabric, these socks keep your feet cool and dry, even during the most intense matches.

Together, our Mini Shin Pads and Football Grip Socks Bundle provides ultimate protection and comfort, ensuring you can focus on your performance without worrying about injuries or discomfort. Ideal for players of all ages and skill levels, this bundle is a must-have for any football enthusiast.

Order now and take your game to the next level with our Mini Shin Pads and Football Grip Socks Bundle!


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Liten! Våre Custom Guards er 8x5 CM - bare litt større enn et Airpods-deksel.

  • Båret av profesjonelle

    Custom Guards er stolte over å ha et så enormt antall profesjonelle ballspillere rundt om i landet som reparerer leggbeskytteren og fotballsokkene våre.

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    Vi tilbyr GRATIS frakt for bestillinger over £40. Hvert produkt sendes ut sporet og lover å være til deg innen 2-3 virkedager. Kontakt teamet vårt hvis du har spørsmål.

  • Handle samlingen

    Vi har også Football Grip Sokker sammen med sokkermer for å hjelpe deg med å få det komplette Custom Guards-utseendet. Gi oss beskjed hvis du vil se andre tilgjengelige produkter.

Mini Shin Pads FAQs

What are Mini Shin Pads, and who are they designed for?

Our Mini Shin Pads are built for footballers who are looking for the smallest shin pad possible.

How do I customise the Mini Shin Pads with my child's name or design?

During the ordering process, you will have the option to select customization if available for this product. Simply follow the provided instructions to add your child's name or choose a unique design.

Are Mini Shin Pads easy to put on and take off?

Yes, they can easily slip into your football grip socks or sock sleeves

Do Mini Shin Pads offer adequate protection for young players?

Our Mini Shin Pads are tiny at 8x5cm which means they offer little protection. Please buy a biggest shin pad should you want more protection

Do you offer discounts for team or bulk orders of Mini Shin Pads?

We do offer special pricing for team or bulk orders. Please reach out to our team via the contact information provided on our website to discuss your specific requirements and receive a customised quote.

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